Safety Features

YOU:  the operator - are an important safety feature! Every pet has a different level of fitness, so it’s important to always watch your pet for signs of getting hot or tired. Your pet will LOVE this game, so it’s up to you to decide when it's time for a break.

The Line:  Believe it or not the line itself acts as a safety feature! it's strong enough to work but will break if your pup happens to chomp down on it. You want the line to break before it can cause injury - and a broken line is preferable to a line burn! It's easy enough to tie the line back together & there's no limit to how many knots are in the line 😊

90 Second Shutoff: The remote control is programmed with an auto shutdown feature. After being on for 90 seconds the remote will beep/vibrate and turn off - to let you know it’s time to take a break. You may bypass this feature.
At 80 seconds into the session, the LED light will turn red, and the remote will vibrate - signaling the automatic shutdown is 10 seconds away. During these 10 seconds while the light is red - if you decide to keep playing: Press and hold the on/off button until the light turns green again and the remote vibrates twice. This initiates a new 90 second play session. You may bypass the auto shutdown as many times as you wish.
CAUTION: This is a safety feature to protect your pet - so if you choose to bypass it, please monitor your pup and make sure they are getting breaks when needed.

Stall Feature: While running SwiftPaws Home or Home Plus, your machine will sense if there is a disturbance to the system (ie: your pet steps on the line or grabs the flag) it will automatically cut power when it senses this. If the disturbance does not go away and you continue to try to run the machine, it will initiate a full stall where it will completely stop running and beep repeatedly for 15 seconds to let you know there’s an issue and to give you time to fix the problem.

The tethers: are also a safety feature, so make sure you are using them to stake the drive and pulleys. The tethers allow for the entire course to flex when a component or the line is bumped or pulled, maintaining the proper tension. Once the disturbance is over, the course "self corrects" which allows play to continue quickly with minimum interruption when the line or pulleys are disturbed.

Jul 10, 2024

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