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Battery Storage VoltageUpdated 3 months ago

Keeping your battery at maximum charge when not in use or leaving it almost drained are not good for your battery. To maximize the lifespan of your Li-Po battery, ensure that you stick to the storage voltage specification.

When it comes to LiPo batteries, there’s something called “storage voltage.” If you're not going to use your LiPo battery for a while, you won’t just casually put it in a drawer and expect the power capacity to remain the same.

The battery that ships with your SwiftPaws Kit is actually a battery pack with either three (3) or four (4) internal cells depending on which Kit you have.  A fully charged LiPo cell is 4.2 volts, while a dead cell is 3.3 volts.

If you plan on letting your battery sit for a few weeks, the storage charge should be 3.8V per cell:

  • For the 11.1v Home Original battery pack, which has three internal cells,  charge to 11.4v for storing it.
  • The 14.8v Home Plus battery pack, which has four internal cells, charge it to 15.2v for storing it.

Long Term Storage

When storing the battery for a long term (more than 3 months), it is recommended to place it in an environment with a temperature of 10-25°C, a low temperature without corrosive gas. 

During long-term storage, the battery should be charged and discharged once every 3 months to maintain battery activity and ensure that the voltage of each cell is within the range of 3.7 ~ 3.9V. (multiply the number of cells x 3.7 for total)

See this article for the 10 mistakes to avoid: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/10-mistakes-you-want-to-avoid---lipo-battery-364210


The advice given above is general in nature and you are responsible for the safety of your batteries. SwiftPaws is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages and personal injuries, including that to life, and health, resulting from the customer’s application and use of batteries sold by SwiftPaws.com.

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