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SwiftPaws Home Lure Equipment

Remote Controller - Main Drive - Field Pulleys

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SwiftPaws Professional Equipment

SwiftPaws Pro equipment

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Enrichment Products

Flirt Pole & Critter Pack

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Batteries, Line, Flags, pet beds, cooling mats, and more!

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Important Battery Information

How to charge, use, and store the Home Original (11.1v) battery & the Home Plus (14.8v) LiPo battery

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🎬 Videos

Set Up & "How To" videos

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Lure Course Set Up

Information about Setting up the lure course

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SwiftPaws Home Lure FAQ

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about using SwiftPaws

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Troubleshooting to determine which component might not be working properly

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Boring Information Only Humans Care About

warranty claims, return policy, manual, contact us

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Slow in one direction

Does the lure (flag) seem to move more slowly in one direction? You can fix it right at home!. YOU JUST NEED TO RECALIBRATE THE REMOTE CONTROLLER. Read through all of the steps first - and then follow each one in order👍. 1) Press and hold the on/off

No Reply! 😤

We reply to every email within 24-48 hours - often within minutes or hours (during business hours East Coast time) & excluding weekends and holidays. So if you have not heard from us search your email for "swiftpaws" you might find our reply in anoth

Battery: Charge, Use, and Storage

Begin each session with freshly, fully charged battery – including first time out of the boxUse fully charged battery within 2 daysAfter use - only charge to storage voltage & charge to full just before using, if it will sit longer than 2 daysAllowin

Ships in 2-4 weeks

SwiftPaws Home Original and Home Plus are currently available for purchase on the website. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.