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"How To" Videos for SwiftPaws Home Original, Home Plus & Chase!

Safety Features!

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Set Up Video

This is the NEW set up video for Home Original and Home Plus. Notes: 1) Sometimes you won't see FUL when charging the battery - this is usually due to being left on the charger & it will continue to try to balance the voltage between the internal cel

Compare Home Lure Kits video

SwiftPaws offers three home lure kits - see them all here:. Click here to for a chart that Compares Home Kits

How to Open the Lid & Battery Cover

Lid and battery cover video

How to Adjust SwiftPaws Line Tension

This video explains it all!

Attaching Tethers & Stakes

For most secure installation. NOTE:  you may also opt to use a loop of the line - secure it same way as indicated in the video! 👍

How to Tie the Line & Flags onto the Line

This video says it all!

How to attach the Lure to the Line

You can tie the lure directly to the line using a loop. For the best way to do this, watch the video!

Entering Line Winder Mode on your drive

Line winder. video

Unboxing SwiftPaws Home PLUS!

Attaching Tethers & Stakes How to Use Stakes and Tethers How to Open the Lid & Battery Cover How to Tie the Line & Flags onto the Line How to Adjust SwiftPaws Line Tension SwiftPaws Home Step-by-Step Setup A-Z For questions or help - contact suppo

See SwiftPaws set up on a hill!

It's possible to set SwiftPaws up on a hill - just remember the steeper the incline, the more "drag" on the system. "Drag" affects speed and runtime. Below is a real customer's setup: Many factors determine what will and won't work - so try it and s

Links to the Live Facebook Q&As

Will my dog like it? https://fb.watch/4IcPW7UxeW/ Get Ready! Prepare for fun with SwiftPaws https://fb.watch/4IcNPQJ_2r/ Canine Fitness Month, Safety & SwiftPaws https://fb.watch/4IcEFL3K0K/

How to Enter Low Speed Original Remote

You can use your remote controller to enter low speed for Home Original and Home Plus - click here: Remote Slow Mode (youtube.com).