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SwiftPaws Home Lure FAQ

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about using SwiftPaws

What is SwiftPaws?

SwiftPaws home lure kits allow you to create the best game of chase ever in your very own backyard.

How Everything SHOULD Work

Learn how everything should work, so you can tell when something's not right.

What's the difference between Home and Home Plus?

Speed, course size, and battery run time are the main differences.

What is a “Play Session”?

A play session lasts 90 seconds. Two play sessions per day of this high-intensity activity is enough to satisfy most pups.

How long will my SwiftPaws last?

You can expect to enjoy your SwiftPaws for many years! All of our Home lure equipment is incredibly durable and built to last and come with a 1 year warranty.

What is the maxium Home Course size?

For Home Original, it's around 200-300'. For Home Plus, it's up to 750'

How fast is the SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus?

Both SwiftPaws home lure systems are capable of reversible, variable speeds. Home Original up to 30mph; Home Plus up to 36mph.

How do I Initiate Low Speed Mode?

Using the remote. With remote on, press and hold the on/off toggle while moving the trigger wheel downward. It will vibrate, the LED will flash, then stay green.

What if my dog is faster than SwiftPaws?

Running top speed isn't what lure chasing is about. SwiftPaws is designed to exercise both the mind and body of your dog - it's made to be fun!

Can I plug it into an AC power source?

No, both Home Original and Home Plus are battery powered only. For an AC powered option check out Chase!

Is it OK to let it get rained on?

No. The SwiftPaws drive unit and controller should not be left out when not in use. They are neither weather- nor waterproof.

The main drive unit is not water/weather proof

We do not recommend leaving the SwiftPaws drive or remote controller outside when not in use. They both house electrical components and are neither weather- nor waterproof

Can I leave the course set up?

The drive unit and controller are not weatherproof or waterproof and must be stored inside. SwiftPaws is designed to be set up and taken down for each use. But you may opt to leave the just field pulleys staked in place.

Is it safe?

It has built-in safety features but is a high-intensity activity not recommended for growing puppies or seniors. Check with your Veterinarian before starting this or similar activity.

Is it noisy?

The Short answer is no! It is powered by an electric motor. However the flag does make noise as it moves through the pulleys.

What if my dog doesn't like it?

Most dogs love it, but there are a few who just are not interested. We offer a 30 day "for any reason" return window to use it at home to make sure it's a good fit for you and your pup.

What happens when the dog catches the flag?

It's OK! Catching the flag is part of the fun for your pup! It's made of compostable maize which is safe. They come in rolls so you can just tie on another one when needed!

Can I fly with my SwiftPaws machine?

Yes! You just need to make sure that the battery and your remote go into your carry-on baggage!

Will SwiftPaws increase my dog's desire to chase small animals?

No. SwiftPaws home lure chasing could help stop this unwanted behavior by providing an acceptable option that satisfies their natural instinct to chase.

Will SwiftPaws increase my dog's prey drive?

No. Not all dog's have a strong prey drive, and so while we like to say that SwiftPaws turns prey drive into play drive there will always be dogs that simply have no desire to chase!

My dogs are afraid! What can I do?

Like anything new, introduce it to your pup step-by-step, at their own pace. Take a step back, allow sufficient time to explore the equipment sitting unused, in a place they feel safe.

What if my dog eats the flag?

The classic flags (show above) are biodegradable and printed with food grade ink- so they are non-toxic, however, if your dog has eaten the flag and you are concerned, you should definitely check in with your vet.   If your dog has a tendency to eat

Exercising Your Young Puppy

Ask your Veterinarian about appropriate exercise for your puppy Playing with SwiftPaws, much like throwing a ball or frisbee, can be considered a high-intensity activity.  The best source for advice on exercising your puppy is your veterinarian. They

Safety Recommendations!

Please visit your veterinarian to be sure your pet is up for this kind of activity. Remember to ask your vet about exercise and your growing puppy!   YOU are the #1 Safety Feature! We recommend no more than two (2) play sessions per pet, per-day. Be

Dog's paws injured?

Some breeds are more prone to pad tear injuries. To prevent pad tear injuries, you can wrap the paws of more athletic, harder running pups like a lot of competitors in lure coursing do.

How can I prevent my dog getting tangled in the line?

Keep scissors handy to release the tension but do not try to cut the line too close to your dog. Set the course up so the line runs along a fence, this keeps them on the inside of the course, and not crossing over the line.

Where can I get more Stakes and Tethers?

We do not sell these separately on our website, because there is nothing special about them. Use any suitable stake found in sporting goods, home, or building store or online.