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What is a “Play Session”?Updated 3 months ago

One play session is the total length of time you interact with your pet using SwiftPaws.

The SwiftPaws remote controller is programmed to start a timer when you first start to play after turning it on. It will vibrate one time to signal the start of a session. After 90 seconds (regardless of if you are actively running or not) it will vibrate again and will shut down the machine.* This is your signal that the timer is up.

PLEASE NOTE: Every pet is unique, and not every pet should go the entire 90 seconds. The 90-second timer is simply a feature to remind you to give your pet a break. Always watch your pet for signs of fatigue. Your pet probably wont want to stop on their own so it's up to you to tell them when to take a break!

*If you received your remote control after July 1st, you have the option to bypass the 90 second shutdown. See: Video: Remote Control shipped after July 1st, 2020

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