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What if my dog is faster than SwiftPaws?Updated 3 months ago

Running top speed isn't what makes lure chasing fun. SwiftPaws is designed to exercise both the mind and body of your dog - it's made to be fun! So you can play with your pup using the variable speeds and reversible features to keep them on their toes and engage their minds. 

But if on occasion you want to practice running at top speeds and they run faster than SwiftPaws Home Original (30mph) and Home Plus (36mph) you can set up a straight line course. While all SwiftPaws equipment is continuous loop - you can still set up a straight line course. 

Note: you can only set up a full 100 yard course like the one for FastCAT with Home Plus equipment. Home Original is not capable of courses that large but can still be set up for shorter straight line runs which are fine for practice. 

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