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Can I plug it into an AC power source?Updated 2 months ago

We have looked into the possibly of a wall-adapter to power SwiftPaws Home in the past - as we'd love to offer it as an option - but so far this search has been unsuccessful.

There are wall adapters available with an XT60 connector, and they will run the unit, however they are underpowered so you'll find that the machine is fairly sluggish. 

Some customers who have tried using adapters say it works ok with a 12V 10A output, others say it's not powerful enough. SwiftPaws Home can draw up to 60amps to get up to speed/change direction and uses about 9A continuously when it's running - so any kind of wall adapter is not going to give you the same "0-60" power. 

We ARE hoping to figure out a wall-adapter option for SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus in the future, but right now we don't have a good solution. Sorry!

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