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Will SwiftPaws increase my dog's desire to chase small animals?Updated 2 months ago

Will playing SwiftPaws stop you dog from wanting to chase squirrels and cats and other small creatures?

The short answer is no.

But dogs are very smart and can be trained to leave them alone - especially if you give them something they CAN chase instead! And that's where SwiftPaws CAN make a difference!

Think about how you would feel if something very attractive and enticing were forbidden to you - it might make you want it even more! But if that same thing was forbidden and you were given something that was equally as enticing and attractive - you might soon forget all about the 'forbidden' because you know you have an acceptable avenue to fill that desire.

So the more complete answer is: SwiftPaws can be an invaluable element in your effort to train your pup to leave the small creatures alone 😃

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