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How can I prevent my dog getting tangled in the line?Updated a month ago

Is your pup getting completely tangled up in the line? 
If he is diving for the flag and getting completely tangled in the line it’s a good idea to release the tension anytime he gets wrapped up, you can do this by cutting the line closest to where you are (do not try to cut the line too close to your dog). Tip: Keep a pair of scissors next to you as you operate the course.

Is your dog moving the line as he crosses over it?
If he is just moving the line (catching it with his feet or leg) when he crosses over this shouldn't be an issue. The line is supposed to be flexible so that it can move and give. Be sure to include the tethers in the set up of our course. Direct staking is not recommended.

1) Set your pulleys up to be as level to each other as possible so the line is as close to the ground as possible without dragging too much.

2) Set the course up so the line runs along a fence, this keeps them on the inside of the course, and not crossing over the line. 

Below are examples of some temporary fencing found in most building and garden stores or online. 

It comes in various colors and sizes. The link is just an example of what's available - not necessarily a recommendation. 

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