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Our newest Home Lure System! Variable speeds up to 20pmh; courses up to 100 feet; No batteries; Plugs into 120v outlet; Unlimited play time; Phone App controlled!


Chase! How To

Information on how to set up and use Chase!

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Troubleshoot Chase!

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Chase! Remote Controller
Chase! Remote Controller
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Chase! Videos
Chase! Videos
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Getting started

The roll of line is 250 feet - even though the maximum course size is about 100 feet. So you will have plenty of line for later.Max Size. Download the SwiftPaws app. What's in the kit. About the app. Set up outdoors. Click here for the video for sett

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What's in the Chase Kit?

Everything needed to set and run a home lure course

Chase! No Battery!

Chase! does not require batteries!. Just plug it into a standard (120V AC) home outlet for unlimited play time. It can be used with an extension cord.It can be plugged into a field generator that provides 120V. Note: there are no plans to make Chase!

Chase! Maximum Course Size

The maximum size of the course is 100 feet - that's a square 25 feet per side. The line that ships with the course is 250 feet so you won't use the entire roll when you set up your course for the first time. The size of your actual course may be a bi

How fast is Chase!?

Chase! is capable of variable speeds from 0 to 20mph!

Control Chase! with Your Phone

Chase! is controlled from your phone using a free, downloadable app 😊

Chase! Play Session Timer

The timer countdown begins as soon as you move the line. It will continue to countdown - even if you stop moving the lure (for example if you need to tie on another lure, etc.) Once it counts down to zero - the "Play Session Has Ended" message window

Chase! & Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures may affect performance. If you notice a decline in performance, or if Chase! Stops working bring it indoors and allow it to come back to room temperature.

Are Critters Compatible with Chase?

The Critters are compatible with Chase! If you notice the critter slowing down or hanging at the pulleys, it may seem as if they are getting stuck but it's just a matter of adjusting the course size and line tension (it requires very light tension to

Chase! Return Policy and Warranty

Chase! has the same 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty just like all our Home Lure kits have!Click here for full details (scroll to the links)

Compatible power pack specs and links for Chase

We do not sell  these, but Chase can be used with an external power pack. Click here for more.

Free SwiftPaws App

Download the SwiftPaws app for your phone here: