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Troubleshoot Chase!

Click here for help with your Chase!

Troubleshooting Video

Chase! may be in low power mode, or something may be overtaxing the drive. Click here for more info.

Overtaxing the Chase Motor

Chase! hesitating, starting and stopping, jittering, basically trying to work but won't? Something is overtaxing the motor. It could be a tension issue; course size issue; or something impeding the line. Click for more help.

App Update Notice

If the "App Update Notice" pops up (or similar one for the iPhone) Click "Okay" and then go to the appropriate app store and update the SwiftPaws app on your phone👍.

Cannot add device in app?

If you cannot see your device in the app - make sure Chase! is plugged in and the blue light is on. Click here for more info.

Cannot pair to drive

If you cannot see your device in the app - make sure Chase! is plugged in and the blue light is on. Click here for more info.

Updating Drive Error?

Note: the early Android issue we had when the app was first released has been resolved. Click here for instructions on reaching out for help updating the drive.

No Blue Light Will Not Power On

If the device is plugged in but left idle for a while it will go into low power mode.  Wake it back up by pressing the button until the blue light comes back and flashes or unplug it for a bit and try again.

Chase! Overheat warning

If you're getting the overheat warning it might be an indication that you are overtaxing the drive in some way. To reduce drag on the motor try: shorten the course; lighten the tension; elevate the pulleys. Click here for more info.

Chase! Pink Band Damaged

This can be due to having the tension too tight. If debris is allowed to build up on the pulley wheel, It will also contribute to damaging the pink band.  So be sure to check for any dirt/debris after each session and remove it. If it won't wipe off

App Cannot See Device?


Stuck entering update mode?

Click the three lines at the top/right of the SwiftPaws app. Then select "Device Information". Take a screenshot of the device information to email to support and describe the problem you're having. When you reach out, also provide your order number

Help Connecting Chase to app

Start with everything unplugged and turned off for at least 2-3 minutes.Plug the device inOpen the app Click "continue"Click "let's PlayWait for the green icon that shows the device is turned on and ready to go! (second image below) and select the de