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Chase! Remote Controller

Articles about the optional Chase! remote controller

Turn On Chase Remote

Turning on the Chase! remote

Turn Off Chase Remote

Turning off the Chase remote.

Pair Chase Remote

How to pair the optional Chase remote

How to Pair Chase Remote - video

Common problems pairing the Chase remote.

Chase Remote Normal Operation

This is how it should work.

Chase Remote battery

When you turn the remote on it will check the battery. If the battery is good, the remote will vibrate three (3) times and the LED will begin to blink green on power-up. Note: the battery should last two or more years! So if your remote won't turn on

The 90 second play session timer

The 90 second auto shutdown is a safety feature to remind you to give your pup a break. You can manually bypass the auto shutdown using the remote controller. At 80 seconds into the session, the LED will turn red and the remote will vibrate once - th

Low Speed and Wind Mode

You can use the remote controller to enter low speed and wind modes. To enter low speed:. When the remote is on and in play mode – rapid click the on button three (3) times to enter slow mode. To enter line wind mode:. When the remote is on and in pl