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Chase! How To

Information on how to set up and use Chase!

How to add a device to app

If you cannot see your device in the app - make sure Chase! is plugged in and the blue light is on. Click here for more info.

Pair App to Chase Device - step by step

Note - Bluetooth needs to be "on" on your phone, but you will use the app to pair to the device 👍. Follow these steps in order. 1) Unplug the Chase device. 2) Completely close the SwiftPaws app on all phones. 3) Plug in the device. 4) Open the app o

Pair Chase to App - pictures

How to Pair the Chase! Device to the SwiftPaws App - in Pictures

Tips for setting up the course the first time

#1 - Set up the course without your pup to avoid anxiety and frustration for you and your pup!. - Start with the just the drive (no line attached) and pair the app/remote and get make sure the drive running smoothly in both directions. 100 feet is th

Plug in Chase Using the Pigtail

When plugging in Chase, always include the pigtail! This protects the internal circuit board in your device!

Slip Loop & Knot Illustrated

How to tie the line using the slip loop and knot method.

Determine Your Maximum Course Size

Note: the maximum course size that Chase! can support is 100 feet

Adjust Line Tension

How to adjust line tension for Chase! Chase! is designed to run on light tension. This video will show you how to get it "just right" so it will run at its best and avoid setting it too tight or too loose. 👍 In the video below instructions on setti

How to Select Speed Mode in App

Chase! has three speed modes! To can select the mode that is right for your purpose using the app. The device needs to be plugged in (and the blue light on the bottom of the device is flashing). From the home screen of your app, click the "Let's Play

Chase! Line Wind Mode

Chase! has a line wind mode - which you can select in the app. ONLY wind the line using the wind-up mode.

How to Update Device

Your phone may be set up to automatically update the app. You can also do so manually. Click here for more info.

How to Update Phone App

Still having trouble with updating the drive? Be sure your phone app has the current update 👍

Chase! Device Information

Click the three lines at the top/right of the app. Then select "Device Information".

How to Send a Log File to Support

Please go to the app, click on the gear icon to access "Settings" and then select "Support" and click the "Directly send a log file to customer support".

Check the app for notifications

Check the bell icon at the top of the app for notifications. New notifications are indicated by a blue dot.

How to Reset the Phone App

Follow the steps in order 1-4  Reopen the app to use it. Please note - you must close the app to finalize the reset.