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Tips for setting up the course the first timeUpdated 2 months ago

#1 - Set up the course without your pup to avoid anxiety and frustration for you and your pup!

- Start with the just the drive (no line attached) and pair the app/remote and get make sure the drive running smoothly in both directions. 

100 feet is the maximum size for Chase - your actual course may be smaller or even a bit larger.

- Set up a small course first - less than 100 feet
- on flat ground
with freshly mown grass, 
- with the lightest tension possible
- and if necessary, raise the pulleys up off the ground a few inches, especially if it's dragging at any high points. 

Once you get a small course working, gradually tie on more line to make it bigger until you get the size course you want, or it starts acting up (see: Chase! Overtaxing the Motor) - then go back to the last size that worked well. This will be roughly the maximum course for you 👍

The bring out the dog(s) to lure chase!

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