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Pair App to Chase Device - step by stepUpdated 2 months ago

Note - Bluetooth needs to be "on" on your phone, but you will use the app to pair to the device 👍 

Follow these steps in order. 

1) Unplug the Chase device

2) Completely close the SwiftPaws app on all phones 

3) Plug in the device

4) Open the app on the phone you will be using to operate the drive

5) Tap “continue”

6) Tap "Let’s play"

7) Tap the picture of Chase –

In the screen that appears the dot should change from red to yellow to green 

8) When the dot is green tap-and-hold the pawprint and slide your finger up or down – holding the entire time that you want the drive to run. Lift your finger to stop movement.

9) The play session timer begins to count down from 1:30 to 0:00 then “Play Session Has Ended” message will pop up. 

10) Tap “Okay”

11) You are now ready for a new session.

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