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Lure Course Set Up

Information about Setting up the lure course

Surfaces for Course Setup

SwiftPaws Home is designed for home/backyard setup. Not everyone has that ideal, perfectly level space. What follows are some guidelines for what is or is not recommended. Ideally the area is fenced, or is in some other way, secure for your dog to ru

Course configuration diagram ideas

The kit has three pulleys and the drive unit (shown as a target instead of a circle) so you can set up a four-point course. making the distance between each point as long or a short as needed. Adding additional pulleys can increase the complexity of

Ready to use right out of the box?

Not quite. You’ll have to charge the machine battery (and the remote controller if you took delivery before July 1st, 2020) Do this first! While you wait, you can familiarize yourself with the rest of the kit, plan your course, etc.

SwiftPaws is a Continuous Loop System

Both SwiftPaws home and commercial grade units are continuous loop equipment. Continuous loop is where the ends of the line are tied together in a continuous loop. Straight line is where the lure is pulled only in one direction, for example in FAST

How to set up straight-line course

SwiftPaws is continuous loop equipment - but it is possible to set up a straight-line course.

What are the Ideal Conditions for the Perfect Course?

Resistance or "drag" is the #1 considering when planning your course. Drag is created any time the drive/line encounters resistance. Drag at the most extreme happens when the dog catches the flag or steps on the line. But other things might create dr

Exactly how big can my own course be?

Each Home lure kit has a maximum course size that it can handle under ideal condition. Your actual course may be smaller or slightly lager. Click here to learn more.

Can I Make a Small Course Bigger Later?

Yes! Simply tie more line onto what you are already using up to the maximum for your system.

Do I have to use the tethers?

Tethers are absolutely necessary - for safety and to maintain the light tension necessary for optimum performance.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Course Size?

All home lure courses can be set up as small as you like, but each kit has a maximum course size. Chase = 100 feet; Original = 200-300 feet; Plus = 750 feet.

Setup on a hill or uneven ground

The short answer is maybe - but the steeper the incline the harder the motor has to work. If it's too steep it may not work. The good news is, SwiftPaws can be set up virtually anywhere that is safe for your pup to run. When settin

Will SwiftPaws work on bare ground (no lawn)?

A good rule of thumb is to think about how you would fair running on the surface you're considering: if you would get hurt if you slipped or fell, it's probably not good place for your pup to run and chase on.

Can I set up a smaller course?

The course size is variable up to the maximum size for each kit. Cut the line for the size you need. Tie more line on when you want to make it larger.

Factors that limit course size

Anything that adds "drag" to your course will affect the maximum size course you will be able to successfully run.

Can I make my own lure?

Yes, you can make your own cloth lure. Click this article for suggestions and dimensions.

Run line along fence to keep dog off the line

For safety and to keep the dog from crossing over the line when they're running - set up the course along a fence. This diagram shows an example of how to set up setup along a fence with the dog inside the fenced area and the Main Drive Unit and oper

Protect the drive using a fence

Some reasons you may want to set up your course this way:. This can be accomplished by placing a fence between the drive and the rest of the field pulleys as illustrated below. If you have a fenced area - set up the course inside the fence and place