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Accessory bundle, Pet bed, Cooling mat, T-Shirts, Line, Flags, Charging bag, Prototype Line winder, Toys, etc.


Cooling Mat

The Oxford Canvas Bed is water resistant & rugged. The cooling mat is pressure activated and pulls the heat from your pet. Cools for 3-4 hours & recharges in 15-20 minutes of rest. No electricity, refrigeration, or freezing required.

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Pet Bed

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Use this line

SwiftPaws is designed to use only #18 braided nylon mason line - twisted will not work as it will unravel. We offer two lengths on line on our website - 500' roll (white) and 250' roll (pink).

Where can I get more line?

We have two options which can be found on our website SwiftPaws.com - under "SHOP" tab - select "ACCESSORIES" white which is a 500’ roll pink which is a 250’ roll You might also find it locally - just look for  #18 braided nylon (twisted will not w

Flags a.k.a. "lures"

The classic flags (show above) are biodegradable and printed with food grade ink- so they are non-toxic, however, if your dog has eaten the flag and you are concerned, you should definitely check in with your vet.   If your dog has a tendency to eat

Lipo Guard Battery Bag

We recommend always charging and storing your LiPo batteries inside a fire resistant bag or similar container. This fiberglass fabric, fire & water-resistant LiPo Guard bag is sold on our website SwiftPaws.com. TO USE: Place battery inside bag and cl

Prototype Auto Line Winder

Prototype Auto Line Winder Compatible with Home Original and Home Plus ONLY. We’re excited to offer a limited prototype run of our new product the Deluxe Line Winder! This prototype has been 3D printed for testing, we hope to get these into productio

Stakes & Tethers

It's important to use both stakes and tethers when you set up the course. See why below. But there is nothing special about ones that ship with your kit. If you need more, or if they don't work well for your specific set up, you can purchase similar


Our SwiftPaws T-shirts are the perfect addition to the best game of chase ever!  Made from comfortable, high-quality material, they're built to last just like our SwiftPaws Kits!. Specs:. Check the website SwiftPaws.com for availability and sizes.

Accessory Bundle

Compatible with all SwiftPaws lure course kits. Includes:. Duffle Bag, Three Pulleys, Critter Pack, Collapsible Water Bowl, 500' of Line, and 30 Replacement Flags.

Duffle bag

High-quality, durable duffle bag designed to hold all of your SwiftPaws gear. I has lots of pockets!