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About the compostable flagsUpdated 16 days ago

Two - 15 count rolls 

Our compostable flags are safe for your pet and the environment!

They are made from maize (corn) flour which is not toxic. They are printed using food grade coloring, but this does not necessarily mean they're edible. Accidental ingestion of bits of the flag should not harm the pup. 

A big part of the fun for your pup is catching the lure! Some dogs love to "kill" the flag - they should quickly learn that the best reward for catching the lure and letting it go is the continuation of play! But it may take a little help from you. Reward with whatever "currency" works best for your individual pup: another toy, treat, a game of tug with a toy designed for this activity, enthusiastic praise - and pairing this with a good reliable "leave it" - basically teach them like you would for any other thing you want them to learn. 👍
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