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Cooling Mat

The Oxford Canvas Bed is water resistant & rugged. The cooling mat is pressure activated and pulls the heat from your pet. Cools for 3-4 hours & recharges in 15-20 minutes of rest. No electricity, refrigeration, or freezing required.


How the Cooling Mat Works

How the Cooling Gel Mat works:. The gel in a cooling pad is water-based with a polymer. Polymer is an activated chemical that changes properties when pressure-activated. When it's activated it pulls the heat from the body. The gel material that slowl

Guide to Cooling Mat Size

Use the information below as a guide to selecting the bed size for your pet. Small         Up to 20 lbs        22.5” x 21.5”. Medium      20 to 50 lbs        32" x 26". Large          50+lbs               43" x 31.5". Mat sizes are small, medium, and

Washing instructions - Cooling Mat

Washing Instructions for the SwiftPaws Cooling Gel Mat. Note: do not refrigerate or freeze the mat. Pair with SwiftPaws Dog Bed.