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Compare Home KitsUpdated 2 months ago



Home Original

Home Plus

Course Length

Up to 100 feet

Up to 200-300 feet

Up to around 750 feet

Top Speed

Up to 20 MPH

Up to 30 MPH

Up to 36 MPH

Battery Powered?




Play Time*


10 minutes

30 minutes

Play time is limited by the capacity of a fully charged battery – times are approximate and will naturally decline over time as the battery ages.





Controlled by:

Smart phone / free app

Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote

Try any kit at home worry free – if you or your pup do not like it for any reason you may return it within 30 days of purchase. All kits have a 1 year warranty. 

Expect to have to replace consumables - batteries, line, flags, etc.,  periodically. Batteries require specific handling – this information can be found on our website in the help center. Click here

Drives are not waterproof. All kits are designed to be set up and taken down for each use. 

The Home Original Bundle is the Home Original kit with additional accessories including two additional pulleys.

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