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Drive beeping and won't turn offUpdated 3 months ago

If your drive continues to beep after shutdown - this is something that does not affect performance - an easy "fix" is disconnecting the battery. You should always disconnect the battery when not in use - even for just small breaks - so it's something you would do anyway. 

If you want, you can send it in and we can reinstall the firmware which takes care of this. 
Certain conditions (like overheating) or a series of events triggers this constant beeping upon shutdown (all benign so not worth trying to determine what it may have been).

But if you're OK with just unplugging it, no harm will being done if you opt not to send it in and just unplug the battery. It's completely up to you how you'd like to deal with this. 

If you want to send it in for the firmware re-install - just email [email protected] and get let us know 👍 We'll take care of you. 😊
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