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How Durable is SwiftPaws Equipment?Updated 2 years ago

Both SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus units and pulleys are made of highly durable material. In fact the pulleys in your SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus kits are the very same ones that are used with our commercial grade units.

We are confident that with proper care your SwiftPaws home unit will give you years of fun.

The field pulleys (but NOT the Main Drive Unit) can be hosed off to remove dirt and debris. 

SwiftPaws is designed to be set up and taken down between uses. If you elect to leave the course set up - Always bring the electronics parts (the Main Drive Unit and Remote Control) inside between uses - they are not water or weather proof. We recommend rolling up the line with the included line winder and bringing it inside as well. Leaving the line out will weather the line quickly and it will need to be replaced more often. 

Note: some dogs will not rest if they see the course set up!

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