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The charger popped, there's a bad odor, and is not charging.Updated 2 years ago

If the charger pops, smokes, or there is a bad odor this is an indication of a bad charger. Discontinue use and replace the charger. Contact [email protected] if your unit is under warranty for a replacement, or purchase a new one on our website Swiftpaws.com (or a compatible one anywhere they're sold)

The battery connectors are keyed - as well as the charger ports are keyed for one-way connection.

Home Orignal 11.1v

 Home Plus 14.8v

Always charge the LiPo batter inside a fireproof container such as a fireproof charging bag.

IMPORTANT: charge to "FUL" every time to assure proper balance of all cells inside the battery. 

If the battery is taken off the charger and used before it reaches FUL - this will permanently damage the battery causing it to stop taking and/or holding a charge.







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