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Won't let go of lure!Updated 6 months ago

It's easier to prevent unwanted behavior than to stop it once it starts. So start off by teaching exactly what you want them to do! 

Some doggos will catch the lure and keep on pulling - they may even uproot the pulleys and drag the course around the yard 😅 

Teach your pup how you want her to play SwiftPaws just like anything else you want her to learn. Keep in mind that from her point of view dragging the parts around the yard might be the most fun part - this is her victory celebration! 

Offer her other ways to celebrate that will keep the game going. As soon as she catches the lure, tell her to "drop it" or "leave it" and reward lavishly until she starts to "get" what you want her to do. Using praise, treats and/or play to reinforce the commands is usually a winning combination. 🏆

There's nothing wrong with rewarding a round of lure chase with a game of tug or a treat. Use a high value currency for your dog when first starting out to get the best compliance.

You may need to put the toy away (or remove her access to it) so she gets the message that when she drags it around the yard the fun is over - to drive home the point that this is unwanted behavior. But once she learns that play quickly continues if she drops the lure she'll probably stop pulling the course apart 😊

But catching the lure is essential for the pup's best experience. Dogs who are not allowed to catch the lure may quickly loose interest in the game.
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