Before you bring out the dog to play

Tips for setting up - especially for the first time:

1. Set up WITHOUT the pup present to avoid stress and anxiety (for all!)

2. TEST the just the drive to make it runs smoothly in both directions.

3. START with a small course first - less than 100 feet - Chase can handle courses up to 100 feet - actual course size varies
See: Determine Your Chase! Maximum Course Size

4. Set up on as close to the ideal as possible:
- on flat ground
- with freshly mown grass,
- with the lightest tension possible
- and if necessary, raise the pulleys up off the ground a few inches, especially if it's dragging at any high points or through the grass.

5. Remember anything that adds "drag" (causes the motor to work harder) means the course will be smaller.
- an incline (gravity)
- uneven ground
- tension too tight
- tall grass
- anything that impedes the line: leaves, sticks, high-points where the line drags
- "critter" lures
- additional pulleys
- more than one lure/flag

6. Once you get a small course working, gradually make the course bigger if you want (just tie more line to existing line) until you get the size course you desire, or it starts acting up (see: Chase Motor acting up?) - then go back to the last size that worked well.

7. Release the hounds!

Jul 18, 2024

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