Chase Motor acting up?

If your machine is acting up - hesitating, starting and stopping, jittering, basically trying to work but won't. This is due to overtaxing the motor. You may need to reduce the course size; lower the line tension; elevate the pulleys - or any combination of these. Please note: the maximum size course is 100 feet. That's a square of 25 feet per side.

Watch the video below to identify the issue.

TIP: Set up the course without your pup to avoid anxiety and frustration for you and your pup!

Please note - if it's an issue of overtaxing the drive - it may work at first and then after running for a bit, the drive will begin to jerk and jitter, or just refuse to work. when this happens, it requires an extended "power off" time to start working smoothly again.
Start with the just the drive (no line attached) and get the drive going first - then set up a small course on flat ground, freshly mown, with the lightest tension possible, and if necessary, raise the pulleys up off the ground a few inches, especially if it's dragging at any high points. Once you get a small course working, gradually tie on more line to make it bigger until it starts acting up - then go back to the last size that worked well. This will be roughly the maximum course for you 👍

Jun 28, 2024

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