Can I make my own flag?

Yes you can make your own lures!
The lure's that ship with the kit are light-weight and tear easily if the pup won't let go - which prevents them from pulling the whole course apart (sometimes!) But it's also very fulfilling for them to catch and even "kill" the lure. We recommend allowing them the "win" and if they want to tear up the lure in victory, let them! They're made of maize and printed with food grade ink so it won't harm them if they ingest tiny bits, and if you don't want to pick up the confetti on the lawn - it is compostable.
If you're looking for something more durable - homemade lures can be cut from old denim jeans or other cloth.
Cut the lure 3" x 9" with a hole in one end that you can tie a length of line to - which can in turn be tied to the course line.
denim flag.jpg
However bulky things like tennis balls (unfortunately!) will not work 😔 - you might try using cloth that is tennis ball color if they're crazy about tennis balls.

Once the pup learns how fun it is to chase - it usually doesn't matter what the lure looks like - some dogs have been known to chase the knots in the line! 🤣

Jul 10, 2024

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