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Critter Pack

Use Critter Pack with Lure & Flirt Pole

The Critter Pack has three, soft fabric "animals" your pup will love to chase!*. Each critter is compatible with SwiftPaws lure course kits, as well as The SwiftPaws Flirt Pole!. You can also purchase the Flirt Pole and Critter Pack together and save

How to Tie Critter Lure to Line

Tie a loop in the line as you would for the plastic flag. (click here to see video). 1) Place critter loop through loop in line. 2) Guide the tail end of the critter through the critter loop. 3) Pull the critter all the way through the critter loop.

Loop Broke?

The loop on the critter flags might break away from the flag but this doesn't mean the fun has to end!  You can still attach the critter lure to the SwiftPaws Lure course line - simply use the loop that you would place the plastic flag through (see v