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Flirt Pole


How to Use the Flirt Pole

It's best if you can begin with the "sit" and "wait" or "stay" commands so that you can take a few steps away from your pup. Then keeping the lure/toy on the ground as you move it back and forth to mimic a small critter moving through the grass. Give

Flirt Pole Video

Watch the Flirt Pole in action!

Flirt Pole

Our Flirt Pole can stand up to the toughest play from the most engaged pups with its all-aluminum construction!. It comes with a durable bone flag attached to the paracord that your pup will love. Get the Critter Pack for variety to keep the game fun

Tie Lure to Flirt Pole

Attaching the lure to the flirt pole:. *The lures are not edible! If pup ingests it, please seek advice from your veterinarian.

Paracord Replacement

The paracord for the Flirt Pole is 38 inches long 1/4 in in diameter. Reach out to [email protected] if you need a replacement cord!