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Battery full, but drive won't runUpdated 2 months ago

If you're getting all three green lights, and your battery is close to a year old or older, and the drive will not run - It could be that your rechargeable battery needs to be replaced. 

The maximum capacity of a LiPo battery naturally declines both over time and with use. It is not unusual to have to replace the battery about once a year, but it's also not unheard of for the battery to last a bit longer. The main factor is how closely you follow the charging, use, and storage instructions. 

It is possible to recharge the battery and see all three green lights but it still won't have enough voltage to power the drive the maximum has declined to 80% or less, and it has reached it's natural life expectancy and needs to be replaced.

If you have the charger with the three green lights - it's hard to tell if the maximum capacity has declined to 80% - but you may be able to take it to a place that sells LiPo batteries and ask them to test it for you. If the maximum it will charge to is around 10.08v (80%) it needs to be replaced. Some Batteries Plus Bulbs stores will check the battery. You might try googling for a place that could test the battery near you. 

We sell a battery charger on our website that has a digital readout and you can see the actual voltage of your battery. You do not have to purchase your battery or charger from us. You can purchase compatible batteries anywhere LiPo batteries are sold - use this link for the specs to look for to be compatible with your SwiftPaws Drive: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/compatible-111v-battery-specs-22114 - Note, if you want a larger capacity (longer runtime per charge) look at the mAu number - the larger the number the larger the capacity. 

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