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Charging HabitUpdated 6 months ago

You must use a fully charged battery within 3 days. Leaving it sit either fully charged, or discharged can damage the battery. So below is advice on good habits you can develop depending on your usage:

ALWAYS charge to full before EACH USE - including the first time out of the box!

Always charge to full even if you only used it a little bit the time before, the final stage of the charging balances the voltage in the internal cells; using it without fully charging/balancing the battery may permanently damage it.

If you will be using the battery every day (or even every two or three days) - a good habit will be to charge the battery after each use. 

If you will be using the battery less than every three days - it's best to charge the battery ONLY to the storage voltage until you're ready to use it again & then charge it to full just before you're going to use it (the day before is fine).

For voltages specific to your battery - click on the appropriate category in this help center and find the article referencing the minimum and maximum voltages. 

11.1v Home Original: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/articles/home-original-111v-battery-5128

14.8v Home Plus: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/articles/home-plus-148v-battery-11804

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