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Just the Bullet Points (11.1v battery)Updated a year ago

Using the 11.1v (Home Original) battery:

  • Always fully charge before using (even if it was only a "little used")
  • Always use charging bag
  • Always monitor charging (you may stop and start the charging process if necessary)
  • Always remove from charger when full
  • Always stop using the battery and recharge when it reaches 9.6v*
  • Always unplug the battery from the drive when not in use
  • Always use the fully charged battery in 2-3 days
  • Always store the battery at around 11.4v and be sure to charge and discharge it every three months while in storage. 
  • Once the maximum capacity drops to 10.08v it's time to replace the battery

* about 10 minutes or five 90 second play sessions

Note: never charge the battery while it is plugged into the drive. Unplug the battery from the drive first before plugging it into the charger.

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