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Pink band is broken, grooved, or rolled upUpdated 5 months ago

If your pulley wheel looks something like this - you might have line melted to the wheel.

Reach out to [email protected] for a replacement pink band. 

Clean up the melted line before replacing the pink band. Use a plastic scraper to avoid scratching/damaging the pulley wheel, to gently remove the melted line before putting the new pink band on. 👍 

Wipe dirt and mud from the drive as well using a damp cloth as this can also contribute to the deterioration of the pink band. 
Do not submerse or hose the drive off as the main drive unit is not water proof.

SwiftPaws is designed to run on light tension. See this video on how to adjust line tension 

To replace the band, simply work the band over the wheel and into place around the center of the drive pulley wheel 👍

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