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Main Drive Unit and Pulleys

The Main Drive Unit powers the system and houses the electronics. It must be brought indoors when not in use. The Field Pulleys are positioned at the "corners" of the course but do not serve to increase course size.

how to remove battery cover

There's a trick to opening it - so that it only comes off when you want it to!. Article inspired by Catherine C.

Plugging the battery into the main drive unit.

This connector on the battery:  (can be a different color). Plugs into the port inside the battery compartment:. Be sure the plug is tightly seated as shown below. It is a tight fit. It is difficult to grasp the plug to unplug it - it is fine to pull

Home Original & and Plus Main Drive Units

Home original and Home Plus batteries ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE! However - the "upgraded charger" on our website WILL charge both the Home original 11.1v battery and the Home Plus 14.8v battery. The Main Drive Units house the motor and other electronic

What to expect: turning on main drive and controller

If this is what you are experiencing: Battery is fully charged Drive turns on and syncs with remote Remote turns on BUT THE SWIFTPAWS STILL DOESN'T WORK: Please contact us at [email protected] & Describe the problem in detail, and/or send a vid

Firmware Update - drives shipped prior to Dec 2020

If your SwiftPaws kit shipped prior to Dec 1 2020 &  experiencing difficulty/issue with their old drive unit - you may be eligible to send in your old unit for a one-time upgrade, free of charge. Email [email protected] for a Repair Authorization

New Pulleys!

We have updated our pulleys!. All SwiftPaws home lure kits now ship with the new style pulley!. Easy to use - securely snaps at these two points! Pull to open, press to close 👍.

Field Pulleys

Think of the field pulleys as corners. They can also be strategically placed on high and low points on an uneven playing field to prevent the line from dragging on the ground or rising too high off of the ground!.

Threading the line

The line is threaded though the back of each pulley wheel on the main drive and field pulleys - not completely around it.

How to Stake and Why to Tether

The reason for staking is obvious while tethers seem to be optional. They are not! Tethers are actually very important both for safety and for maintaining steady tension for optimum operation. During a play session the flag gets caught, the pup might

Can I use a garden hose to clean the pulleys?

The pulleys are water tight and can be hosed off with a garden hose if needed.   The SwiftPaws Machine is made to be used outdoors, but cleaning the unit regularly will help keep your SwiftPaws machine beautiful and functioning properly during the ma

Battery vs. compartment size

The Home Plus battery is quite large and fits best in one particular way shown below. Position the battery facing inward, standing end with the connector cables passing over the top of the battery - this prevents putting stress on the cables where th

The Pink Band

SwiftPaws home equipment is designed to work with very little tension.  The pink band on the Main Drive Unit wheel serves to grip the line. The should last for years, but if yours needs to be replaced, just contact [email protected].

Pink band is broken, grooved, or rolled up

If your pulley wheel looks something like this - you might have line melted to the wheel. You can prevent damage to the pink band by cleaning up any dirt, or buildup as it occurs - so Check the pulley after use and clean as necessary. Reach out to su