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Washing Instructions - Dog BedUpdated 2 months ago

The SwiftPaws Oxford Canvas Pet Bed has a washing instructions tag inside the zippered compartment. For more detailed instructions scroll down this page.

Washing Instructions for the SwiftPaws Oxford Canvas Dog Bed: 

  • Vacuum with a brush attachment.
  • Remove padding from the zippered compartments of the sides and bottom.
  • Rinse fabric thoroughly with water removing any loose particles. 
  • Hand wash cover or wash on a delicate cycle, do not wash padding.
  • Allow cover to air dry before re-inserting padding.

For deep cleaning continue

  • Allow cover to soak in a mild detergent solution for 10-20 minutes then scrub lightly with a soft nylon brush or terry cloth. Then, rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. 
  • Allow cover to air dry before re-inserting padding.
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