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When and how much to charge 11.1v batteryUpdated 5 months ago

WHEN and HOW MUCH to charge your LiPo battery is a bit of a balancing act that seems almost impossible but it just takes a bit of planning.

- The battery needs to be charged to full before each use, even if it was only used a little the time before. 
- But it must be used within 3 days after fully charging. 
- And it cannot sit longer than 3 days after discharging below the storage voltage.

It is simpler to accomplish than it seems at first!

If you will be using the battery every day (or even every two or three days) - a good habit will be to charge the battery after each use. 

If you will be using the battery less than every three days - it's best to charge the battery ONLY to the storage voltage until you're ready to use it again & then charge it to full just before you're going to use it (the day before is fine).  

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