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Read this first!Updated 3 months ago

When your kit arrives - check to make sure everything is there! 

The battery ships at the storage voltage - so it  needs to be charged to full before using it to avoid damaging the battery. HOWEVER do not leave a fully charged battery sitting longer than 3 days without using it. 
So only charge to full the day of - or the day before - you plan to use it. 

1) Always fully charge the battery before EACH USE - even if you only used it a little the time before. See the Goldilocks Rule for LiPo batteries below.

Keep your pup(s) inside while you set up and test the course

  1. When you set up the course be sure to include the tethers (or a loop of the line) when you stake pulleys and drive in place. 
    1. Watch the Set Up Video here  
    2. See why tethers are necessary here
  2. String the line through the pulleys and tie on the flag. 
    1. See our recommended knots video here
  3. Connect the battery to the drive and turn it on.
  4. Turn on the remote controller and wait for it to sync with the drive.
    1. Learn about all the it and its features here
  5. Test the course and adjust the tension to be the very lightest possible tension.
Once the course is set up and tested it's time to bring out the pups!

We recommend taking the time to introduce SwiftPaws to your doggo at their own pace. It's worth the extra time in the beginning to avoid having to undo any issues caused by moving too fast. 


Charging the LiPo battery to full and storing it may damage the battery.

Not charging the battery after use and storing it may also damage it.
Charging the battery to the storage voltage if it won't be used in 2 days is "just right!

A fully charged battery that sits longer than 2 days may become permanently damaged. Also, allowing it to sit longer that 2 days after using it but not charging it to the storage voltage may also cause permanent damage because it does not have to be completely discharged - it only needs to drop below the minimum voltage to become permanently damaged (and will show 000 on the charger).

Click the image of the battery you have and find the article entitled "Voltages: Minimum, Maximum, Storage & Replacement" for your specific battery.

It's a lot to learn, but a MUST to know how to charge, use, and store your LiPo battery - clicking the appropriate battery above will take you to a list of articles specific to that battery - find the article about charging the battery for full instructions.

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