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To contact SwiftPaws please email  [email protected]. 📵 We are a small dedicated team so we cannot monitor our phone for incoming calls😞. When you email [email protected] - use the email address you used to place your order - all your accou

Why are my emails being ignored? 😤

When you contact SwiftPaws you WILL receive an automated response email right away. If you do not get this email - please check your spam folder for it - and if necessary adjust your filters to allow emails from SwiftPaws.com If you have cont

Where is SwiftPaws Located?

SwiftPaws's headquarters is on the east coast of Central Florida. We ship from Central Florida to the 48 contiguous states.

Where can I find a SwiftPaws store?

SwiftPaws Home can only be purchased online at SwiffPaws.com and now at Amazon.com! SwiftPaws Pro Alpha and Pro Sport can be purchased by emailing your request to [email protected]