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Troubleshoot Remote ControllerUpdated a month ago

Remote controller is working intermittently, flakey, or has stopped working.

1) The remote controller is programmed to automatically shut down after 90 seconds. This countdown starts when you turn on the remote controller - not when you start using it.

a) This safety feature can be bypassed manually - see how here: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/remote-controller-features-22093

b) Learn all about the remote here: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/articles/remote-control-5175

2) Check the LiPo battery in the main drive. As the LiPo battery ages the maximum capacity voltage slowly declines. Once it reaches 80% it needs to be replaced. See this article for more info: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/voltages-minimum-maximum-storage-&-replacement-73944

If you do not have a way to test the voltage of the battery - most places that sell LiPo batteries will test it for you.

3) The remote controller needs to remain within 10 (may up to 15) feet from the drive to maintain connection with the drive. (if you have to stay closer it might be a hint that the LiPo battery is weak)

4) The battery can become jarred loose and you may have to reseat the battery any time it suddenly stops working. (use the link below in item #5 for the tutorial)

5) You may have inadvertently put something back inside the remote the wrong way. Use the tutorial to open the remote so that you are sure you have put everything back inside properly oriented. Tutorial: https://support.swiftpaws.com/en-US/reseating--replacing-the-remote-control-battery-22124 

If none of the above helps – email [email protected] and send any pictures and or videos that will help us see what’s going on. Be sure to include your order number and shipping address in your email for fastest resolution.

About the battery:

The remote has a disposable battery inside.

    • Use a CR123A battery (also called A123)
    • Do NOT use a rechargeable battery in the remote
    • Off-brand batteries have been known to cause erratic performance 
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