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Click here for Chase!

Our newest Home Lure System! Variable speeds up to 20pmh; courses up to 100 feet; No batteries; Plugs into 120v outlet; Unlimited play time; Phone App controlled!


When will Chase! Ship?

We are on schedule to ship in time for the holidays this year (2023)!

Chase! Power Information (no battery!)

Chase! does not require batteries!. Just plug it into a standard (120V AC) home outlet for unlimited play time. It can be used with an extension cord.It can be plugged into a field generator that provides 120V. Note: there are no plans to make Chase!

How fast is Chase!?

Chase! will be capable of variable speeds from 0 to 20mph!

How Big is the Chase! Course?

Chase! is capable of courses up to 100 feet long.

What comes with Chase!?

Everything needed to set and run a home lure course

Control Chase! with Your Phone

Chase! is controlled from your phone using a free, downloadable app 😊

Compare Chase! to SwiftPaws Home Original & Plus

Compare the home lure courses available

Chase! Return Policy and Warranty

Chase! has the same 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty just like all our Home Lure kits have!

Chase! Campaign Launch Video

Campaign Launch Video!


The newly designed field pulleys are now shipping with Home Original and Home Plus kits - and will ship with Chase! as well!. Can be purchased separately on Amazon.com - click here! while supplies last.