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Remote Control
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Main Drive Unit and Pulleys
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Lure Coursing

SwiftPaws brings Lure Coursing into your own back yard!. Lure coursing is a competitive sport for sighthounds and is also a sport where dogs of all breeds can participate to earn titles. With the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA), competit

Which kit should I get?

It really depends. The first thing to consider is the size of the space you plan to set the course up in. It's not so important how big or fast your dog is. You control the speed and direction of the lure - so even if your dog is pretty fast - you ca

Main Components

The Main Drive Unit houses the motor and other electronics - it is not weather/waterproof. Home Original Main DriveHome Plus Main Drive. Remote Control. Both Home and Home Plus ship with the wireless remote. Powered by one replaceableCR123A battery t

Safety Features

90 Second Shutoff: Your SwiftPaws home will shut off and beep/vibrate after 90 seconds of play to let you know it’s time to take a break. YOU are also a safety feature! Every pet has a different level of fitness, so it’s important to always watch

How Durable is SwiftPaws Equipment?

SwiftPaws home unit and pulleys are made of highly durable material. In fact the pulleys in your SwiftPaws Home kit are the very same ones that are used with our commercial grade units (as well as the line, tethers, and flags!). We are confident that

Can SwiftPaws be set up indoors/ on artificial turf?

YES! The SwiftPaws Home drive is electric - so it is safe to use indoors. But consideration must be given to the surface you intend for your dog to run on. If it is slippery, or hard or rough enough for our pup to get hurt in a fall, then it might be

Pad tear injuries

Some breeds are more prone to pad tear injuries. To prevent pad tear injuries, you can wrap the paws of more athletic, harder running pups like a lot of competitors in lure coursing do.

What does "Play time 10 minutes" mean?

The Home Original battery will last for about five 90 Second play sessions - which is about 10 minutes of motor run time. This might not sound like a lot, but it is sufficient for households with one or a few pups - especially if they all run togethe

Weight & Dimensions

The Drive Unit weighs 3lbs with the battery inside the compartment. Each field pulley weighs 1lb 6oz. See dims below The remote weighs 3oz. The kit weighs 17lbs.   These dimensions are overall +/- 1/8" - at widest part in

Compare Home Kits

Chase!. Home Original. Home Plus. Course Length. Up to 100 feet. Up to 200-300 feet. Up to around 750 feet. Top Speed. Up to 20 MPH. Up to 30 MPH. Up to 36 MPH. Battery Powered?. NO. YES. YES. Play Time*. Unlimited. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. Play time

Compare Home vs. Home Plus vs. Pro!

The newest addition to the SwiftPaws line - is SwiftPaws Home Plus! Fitting perfectly in between Home and Professional! for more information on Home and Home Plus - contact us at [email protected] For more information and to order SwiftPaws Pro