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Troubleshooting to determine which component might not be working properly


Troubleshooting the battery

The battery might not be working properly if:. NOTE: If you have more than one battery – and the charger LEDs light up the same for both (ex: the same LED is red and will not turn green)  – it is most likely a bad charger. Sometimes it's difficult to

Troubleshooting the charger

The charger might be bad if:. If the charger is bad if it ever:. It might be either a bad charger or battery if:. All three LEDs light up, but one more more will not turn green. NOTE: If you have more than one battery – and the charger LEDs light up

Troubleshooting the Remote Control

If your remote will not turn on, or suddenly stops working - check the following items listed below before contacting [email protected] and report your findings.  If your remote suddenly fails to turn on:  Check that the battery is making suff

Remote Control Code Chart

The remote that shipped before July 1st, 2020 will not have all the functions. Contact [email protected] for information on how to purchase a replacement remote control unit.

Home Original Beep Code Chart

Chart with beep codes for Home Original System

Home Plus Beep Code Chart

Chart with beep codes for Home Plus System

Erratic behavior - running out of control

"Ghost running" is usually due to the "trigger wheel" being improperly placed inside the handle. If the trigger wheel is sticking, it's usually due to the screw in the handle being too tight. Read through all 5 steps below FIRST - then follow the ste

Drive stalls and/or is beeping

SwiftPaws Home is designed with safety features that include stopping the motor when a disturbance is detected in the system. For example if your pup steps on the line or catches the flag.  There are other reasons your drive may stall. Following are

Stakes and Tethers

The stakes and tethers that ship with your SwiftPaws are not sold separately because any stake or tether that you can find locally will work as well. Look for a stake that can be inserted flush with the ground to avoid creating a hazard. If you like,

The Power Switch (help! my dog chewed it off!)

If your genius pup tore off the Main Drive Unit power switch trying to make it go themselves 😅 don't worry!. The switch is pretty simple to replace. It comes as a single unit: the switch, wires, and connector that plugs into the circuit board. To re

Troubleshooting the main drive unit

First be sure you are using a freshly, fully charged battery. For Home original 11.1v battery and B3 Pro battery - All three LED lights turn green. For Home original 11.1v battery and HotRC charger:. Based on the following information - pinpoint what

Is my battery or charger bad?

The SwiftPaws Home is capable of speeds up to 30 mph - in both directions. If your SwiftPaws is not performing as well as expected, the problem might be your battery. If your battery is swollen or misshaped -  do not charge or use it get a picture

What causes a battery to swell?

Please do not attempt to charge or use a swollen battery. Keep it away from anything flammable and take it to a recycle center ASAP. Google "battery recycle center near me" - most places that sell batteries will take batteries for disposal. Get a pic

The charger popped, there's a bad odor, and is not charging.

If the charger pops, smokes, or there is a bad odor this is an indication of a bad charger. Discontinue use and replace the charger. Contact [email protected] if your unit is under warranty for a replacement, or purchase a new one on our website

Battery charger reads 000

If the HotRC charger only shows 000 it is most likely a bad battery. This can be caused by failing to charge the battery until it reads FUL. If this is the case the battery is permanently damaged and needs to be replaced. IMPORTANT: Always charge you

The line keeps breaking!

There are a number of reasons the line might be breaking more often than expected. The line we use has about 150lb test break strength, so it should hold up for you! But it may be possible that you have a bad roll of line, if none of the following ar

Pup afraid of the fan noise?

SwiftPaws Home main drive unit runs pretty quietly, but some pups may exhibit a fear response to the sound of the fan. This article inspired by SwiftPaws customer Sung C

Battery only worked one time and is now bad

Get Help Fast!

For the best and fastest help always email us at [email protected] and provide the pictures and/or videos of your problem. We are a small team but we reply to emails - often within minutes - and almost always the same day (excluding holidays and

Drive beeping and won't turn off

If your drive continues to beep after shutdown - this is something that does not affect performance - an easy "fix" is disconnecting the battery. You should always disconnect the battery when not in use - even for just small breaks - so it's somethin